Elinore's Choice: Book I of the Land of Sterling Series


Prince Abram has passed the test of Rimrock Island, thus winning the right to Elinore’s hand in marriage. He is dashing and handsome, with a touch of foreign mystique. Elinore is on the way to her happily ever after. But something doesn’t feel quite right.

Then strange things start happening, Prince Abram’s odd behavior, bandits in the Black Forest. It is all a fairy tale gone wrong.

Elinore finds she must choose between what is good for her country and what is right for her heart.


1. Page 9

Elinore was jerked from her reverie by a shout from the small audience below.  Her father beside her stood up and looked out to sea.  The heads of a horse and rider were bobbing along the waves, growing steadily larger. Behind them the sky was turning golden and orange, and the sun drew relentlessly closer to the horizon.  As he drew near, the rider began waving and shouting excitedly.

“Egad, he must have done it,” muttered the king, looking surprised.  Elinore stared at her father a moment, eyebrow raised, then turned back to get a closer look at this suitor, who was suddenly becoming a reality to her.

* * *

2. Page 24-25

Elinore withdrew her hand and returned to her quarters.  What was the matter with her?  Prince Abram was all manners, and he seemed to be a romantic and attracted to her.  So why wasn’t she falling head over heels in love with him?

Elinore stood up and paced the floor.  No, no matter what her own desires were, she must protect her people.  It would be better for them if she relinquished her own dreams and married Prince Abram.

* * *

3. Page 40

As she pushed past him, she heard his parting comment.  “Chastity and fidelity become all women, including royalty.”

Blushing hotly, she fled to her room.  How dare he assume something had happened–.  Then she stopped short.  Something had happened back there in Robert of Danforth’s cottage.  Not what Abram had intimated, but something almost as serious.  She had opened her heart to another man!  She had not imagined before that the situation could get any worse, and now–!  She reached her room and threw herself on the bed, sobbing.

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