Amber’s Dilemma: Book II of the Land of Sterling Series


Fourteen year old Amber should be the happiest girl alive. She lives a privileged life in the peaceful kingdom of Sterling.

But she is not as pretty as Alyssa, one of the girls of the court, and she is unable to catch the eye of handsome Sir Royce. Her mother doesn’t seem to have enough time for her. Her ten year old brother Matthew always seems to show up at the wrong moments. How in the world will she ever fit in?

Amber is determined to change her situation by doing something bold and daring. But her plan goes awry, endangering those she loves.

In-this-coming of age story, Amber learns more about herself, and how to come to terms with the life she is expected to lead.


1. Page 17

She followed him, feeling betrayed and a little angry. How dare her brother bid on her May Day basket! This was her chance to have lunch with a young man her age, and she had to eat with her ten year old brother! By the time they reached the hill to eat lunch, Amber was fuming. Matthew tried to make small talk, but Amber refused to talk to him. Her appetite ruined, she let Matthew eat her pastry when he asked if she wanted it. As soon as young people started leaving the hill for the afternoon activities, Amber stood up, leaving Matthew sitting with the basket, not even giving him a backward glance.

* * *

2. Page 38

As Amber was preparing to leave, Roberta’s loud whisper pierced through the room again. “You would never catch me doing anything that would earn me such an abasing punishment.”

Amber’s face burned red anew. She grasped the burlap trash sack, broom and dust cloth, and ran from the room, barely noticing if the door closed behind her. Hot tears coursed down her cheeks as she ran down the hall toward the back stairs. By the time she reached the supply closet, sobs threatened to burst from her pressured chest. She shut the door, sank to the ground, and let the tears come. They poured forth in great gasps and cries. Finally they began to abate, and she could think again.

She had never felt more humiliated. Amber felt the distinct desire to dump chamber pots over Roberta’s head. She didn’t care if more rooms needed to be swept and dusted; she was not showing her face again around the castle in a servant’s capacity. She would rather be whipped for disobedience.

* * *

3. Page 106-107

Roberta leaned in closer. “I think I would be petrified to lead a kingdom. It is such a big responsibility, protecting your country from enemies and economic disasters. Everyone would be looking to you to lead them and solve difficult problems. I would want our country’s monarch to be courageous and unafraid.” She gazed at Amber coyly. “You’re not afraid of anything, are you Princess Amber?”

Amber was taken aback. She hadn’t consciously thought about it, but she wasn’t about to admit any weakness. “No, Roberta, I don’t think so.”

Roberta lowered her eyelashes, then raised them fluttering. “I will believe you if I see you perform some act of bravery and valor, Lady Amber. Although I can’t imagine what that would be.”

Harry danced with her, but didn’t say much. Amber chatted about various different things, but her mind kept thinking about Rimrock Island. A couple of times Roberta passed her, swinging by on the dance floor, and giving her a meaningful glance. By the time the ball was finished and the guests were going home, Amber had determined what she was going to do.

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